We are real specialists in bulk material transport. We do know the specifics of this branch of transport; we dispose of needed certificates and necessary technical background.

We arrange the transportation of almost 40,000 tons of bulk materials in all European countries. We care about safety of the transported material and adopt all system measures to fulfill it, e. g. security of the trucks, strict rules on the quality of trucks and drivers of contracted carriers as well as on the training of drivers and on the planning of eligible and secure route. 

We are the GMP certificate holders. Our shipments are insured according to the CMR rules by liability insurance. Furthermore, the company PROSPED is insured by so called forwarding insurance, where all damages on the shipped goods are covered. We are able to arrange any other insurance according to your needs.

   The most often transported commodities:

  • cereals, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities

  • feed

  • road salt

  • metal and other row materials

  • construction materials

  • plastic pulp

  • coal and wooden pellets


We provide these services via our affiliated company PROSPED Trade Ltd. which is a domestic company engaged in the trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, disposal of old technological units and demolition of properties containing iron components.

Significant smelting plants and foundries are satisfied clients of PROSPED Trade that specializes in buying up of ferrous scrap from companies and various organizations. The company organizes a regular and reliable collection of scrap using wide fleet of special vehicles and containers.

   We offer to out clients: 

  • complex solutions to disposal of old technologies and propreties which include preparation and leading the whole project, handing of formalities with authorities, demolition itself and sorting and disposal of waste and buying up of sorted scrap and waste

  • regular driving containers to given places and their collection

  • arranging of optimum scrap prices for suppliers

  • prompt on legislation, logistics and disposal of metal scrop


Solutions for transporting liquid, hazardous, and oversize loads

We can also help you by carrying out very special transport orders. For example, for transportingoversize loads(machines, excavators, cranes) we can ensure optimum transport equipment that can transport a load of atypical dimensions and weight. Moreover, we have long-standing experience and we know the possible difficulties and necessary administrative requirements. For transporting liquid substancesuse thermally insulated tanks that comply with the EU

standards and are also perfectly suitable for transporting food products (vegetable oil, milk, wine, beer, fertilizers). And last but not least we can offer transport solutions for hazardous loads (ADR goods). We guarantee professional transport in compliance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

For the transport of pallet goods we will provide everything you need.

We can arrange for anything you need for transporting palletised goods. We provide comprehensive services, including loading and unloading, as well as just-in-time transport. We transport, for example,construction materials, electrical appliances, food, drinks, fertilizers, and other palletised goods. Our added value, in comparison with large forwarding companies, includes very 

sensitive tailoring of our transport services to your requirements and especially our dispatchers‘ personal approach. We choose particular vehicles and transport conditions with regard to the type of material to be transported, and to its fragility, shelf-life, optimum transport temperature, the way of loading and unloading, etc.


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